Peace Corps Operations Suspension

Monday April 6, 2020

On March 15th, Peace Corps Director Jody Olsen ordered a temporary suspension of all Peace Corps operations in response to growing concern around the COVID-19 pandemic. Over 7,000 PCVs have been evacuated from their countries of service.

If you have ideas for how our community can support evacuated PCVs returning to the greater Seattle area, please email us.

Currently, we are directing these evacuated volunteers to the SEAPAX Facebook group, which is one way for us to directly interact with the evacuees and learn how best we can provide support. If you are not already part of our Facebook group, we hope you will consider joining now to show you are here for the PCVs forced to return home due to COVID-19.

The following resources are also available to evacuated RPCVs:

Peace Corps COVID-19 updates

NPCA information

For assistance navigating your Peace Corps benefits, please contact Beth Alhstrom, SEAPAX Advocacy Co-Chair.

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