Other Grant Opportunities

(Photo Courtesy Keith Arnold - RPCV The Gambia)

In addition to our grant request process, SEAPAX has three other options for grantseekers:



  • Unsolicited donations recommended by the SEAPAX Board of Directors
  • Annual outreach to members for suggestions
  • Consideration for service project partners


Peace Corps Partnership Projects (PCPP) for current WA State PCVs

Typically PCPP projects have been vetted in country by Peace Corps and are large in scope/funding. A SEAPAX application is not necessary. The Grants Committee prefers to connect personally with the PCV and the PCV is encouraged to email submission request to info@seapax.org of the active PCPP. Suggested amount is $200 per project.


Top Up Contributions to Your Favorite Organization(s):

  1. Organizations are 501(c)(3)s with impact either locally or internationally in accordance with Peace Corps ideals. As such, organizations that promote cultural understanding, global education, immigration or community services will be considered. The Grants Committee can turn down any request they deem does not fit the grant guidelines.
  2. Requests are considered on a first come, first serve basis as long as there are Grants funds.
  3. The Top Up contribution is calculated at 25% of the donation. The maximum amount of any one Top Up would be $250 for a $1,000 donation; the minimum would be $25 for a $100 donation. A member may request up to $250 annually.
  4. A SEAPAX member can submit a Top Up request with donation receipts twice annually. Only donations made within 3 months prior to the Top Up request would qualify.
  5. Submit proof of your donation along with the organization’s website to info@seapax.org.

Past Grant Recipients

February 2018

Holocaust Center for Humanity

Seattle, WA

Student Writing, Art & Film Contest on issues of Social Justice. Grant $500.

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